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Table Paper/Drapes

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Eliminate unsightly stained linens and save time laundering with convenient, disposable table paper and drapes. These durable products cover and protect tables and clients during waxing and other services.
  • Economical, yet durable.
  • Protective and affordable.
  • Great for massage and waxing.
  • Convenient and disposable.
  • Trusted by professionals.

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Code# Description Size Packing
67160 Everyday Essentials™ Table Paper 21″x225′ 12 Individually Wrapped Rolls/Case
5010 Spa Essentials® Poly-Backed, Perforated Table Paper 21″x125′ 9 Rolls/Case
43658 Spa Essentials® Smooth, White Table Paper 21″x225′ 12 Rolls/Case
43659 Spa Essentials® Crepe, White Table Paper 21″x125′ 12 Rolls/Case
51824 Spa Essentials® Smooth, White Table Paper 27″x225′ 12 Rolls/Case
56071 Spa Essentials® Smooth, White Table Paper 21″x225′ 12 Rolls/Case
43654 Spa Essentials® Drapes, White, 2-Ply 40″x48″ Bulk, 100 Drapes/Case
43656 Spa Essentials® Drapes, White, 3-Ply 40″x72″ Bulk, 50 Drapes/Case



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