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SANEK® Neck Strips


 Product Description

Made of a soft, highly absorbent tissue, SANEK® Neck Strips catch loose hair and absorb perspiration and drips. They stretch to comfortably fit around the customer’s neck, keeping it clean and protected. SANEK® Neck Strips cost a little over a penny a piece versus paper towels at 5¢ and a cloth towel at 10¢.

SANEK® XL Neck Strips

SANEK® XL Neck Strips are the LONGEST and WIDEST neck strip available. Featuring the same quality materials you get in regularSANEK® neck strips but a larger size to keep all your clients comfortably covered. SANEK® XL Neck Strips are soft, strong, absorbent and now longer & wider. Conveniently packed in their own dispensing box.

  • Made from premium and soft material.
  • Highly absorbent tissue.
  • Stretch to comfortably fit the customer’s neck.
  • Economical and convenient.
  • Trusted by professionals.

Code# Description Size Packing
81041 SANEK® XL Neck Strips 3.5″x25.5″ 50 Strips/Pkg, 18 Pkgs/Case
43310 SANEK® Neck Strips 2.5″x17.5″ 60 Strips/Pkg, 12 Pkgs/Carton, 4 Cartons/Case
74505 SANEK® Neck Strips  2.5″x17.5″ 60 Strips/Pkg, 6 Pkgs/Carton, 4 Cartons/Case
49356 SANEK® Black Plastic Dispenser 5.75″x3.5″ 12 Dispensers/Case