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Blankets, Drapes & Covers

Product Description

The unique material of our Mylar Blankets makes spa treatments more effective as they retain up to 90% of clients’ body heat.

  • Provides comfort and coverage.
  • Save on the cost of laundry with disposables.
  • Trusted by industry professionals.
Code# Description Size Packing
301 Drape Tissue, 2-Ply 40″x60″ 100/Case
354 Pillowcase Nonwoven 21″x27.75″ 100/Case
53650 Spa Essentials® Mylar Blanket, Silver 52″x84″ 3/Bag, 16 Bags/Case
53651 Spa Essentials® Mylar Blanket, Silver 62″x90″ 3/Bag, 16 Bags/Case