End Papers


  • Made from absorbent paper.
  • Maintains strength when wet.
  • Tamper-proof package with a wide tear-out opening for easy access.
  • Available in Regular, Jumbo and Super Jumbo.
  • Trusted by professionals.
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Exactly what you need to ensure the best result when rolling hair. Absorbent end papers with great wet strength.

Code# Description Size Packing
56174 TrueWave™ End Papers (Regular) 2.25″x3.25″ 1000 Papers/Box, 100 Boxes/Case
26067 TrueWave™ End Papers (Jumbo) 2.5″x4″ 1000 Papers/Box, 100 Boxes/Case
56175 TrueWave™ End Papers (Super Jumbo) 3″x4.25″ 1000 Papers/Box, 50 Boxes/Case

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